I created the toGPRi v1 tools through GNU Octave for primarily analyzing RAMAC© ground-penetrating radar data and for building 3D matrices to generate georeferencied rasters of underground elements.

At this moment toGPRi v1 can open .rd3 MALÅ files, read .rad data files and display the 2D associated radargram with different color maps and contrast levels. toGPRi v1 can apply several filters to these data: a time zero cut, a linear and an exponential gain recovery, a basic mean trace removal, a smoothing f ilter and a noise put-out. Besides this, the wavelet for any trace can be watched at any stage. It is also possible to use 3 columns plain text files to generate hypsography variations. In respect of 3D options: toGPRi v1 can be used to generate a series of 2D points .xyz files associated to the filtered profiles of a prospection (usable to originate a point cloud) and a GNU Octave three dimensional matrix wearable to automatically draw georeferencied overlaid raster images at different levels of depth.

Radargram in toGPRi


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